Who Am I?

I am sharing the name and the so-called details about this ‘I.’ My name is Natalia Suri. I stay in New Delhi- India. I hold a master’s in the Spanish Language from one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Over time I have learned to describe myself as a Mythologist.

But why am I saying I am Mythologist? Do I have the degrees?

 My answer would be when billionaires can run the world’s most prominent business empires without them. Then for sure, I can believe in the words of Denis Waitley, “Chase your passion, not your pension.” 

For me, Mythology is a tree planted by every culture. And my passion is to sit under this tree and listen to its tales. 

You can only know me better once you know my journey of discovering this ‘I’ of Who am I.

Books, lessons, teachers, universities, school none of them have ever been able to tell me who I am. The only thing they told me was that different parts of me belong to the I. What I needed to find out was, what was this I. 

Was this I, a human being with blood, flesh within me? Or was it a soul finding the reasons for its existence in the different realms? 

In my backpack travels, I tried to explore this ‘I.’ I noticed it led to many questions. And when and where there is no explanation, there is the word God. But who is he? 

The bridge that links us to him are stories, legends, myths, and mythology. My journeys across the Valley of The King in Luxor in Egypt, to the Forbidden City in China, to the sacred path of Camino de Santiago De Compostela in Spain, to the Pyramids of Latin America, I discovered a common thread. It helped me connect me, myself, the so-called Natalia to the I. And that thread is FAITH. FAITH IN THE UNKNOWN AND UNSEEN. 

I studied Mythology for many years. These stories, called fables, folklores, and tales, are not words in books for me but brightly burning candles in the dark caves of my life.